The Motorists Legal Club (MLC) is an organisation dedicated to providing its members with a range of services relating to their motoring needs.

MLC is a not-for-profit club providing an alternative to legal expenses insurance which can ensure members receive 100% compensation following road accident claims.

After purchasing membership, all members will also gain access to the Member Zone – a comprehensive online service with legal advice guides, online claims tracking and a ‘glove-box’ app to store key dates and information.

In addition, members will have access to a motoring legal advice line and any claims will be handled by a dedicated personal customer manager.


  • Protects members against legal costs associated with pursing road accident claims
  • Ensures members receive 100 per cent of their compensation
  • Access to online and telephone advice on a broad range of motoring issues
  • Dedicated personal customer manager to deal with your claim
  • Access to an exclusive online member zone with legal advice and motoring documents, up-to-date motoring news and much more…
  • All MLC-panel solicitors are experts in their field and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA)
  • No maximum number of claims per year

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